5. Sample Empathy Circles

5. Sample Empathy Circles Here We Are Adding Sample Empathy Circles Viewing these can be helpful in understanding how the process works. #1. Empathy Circle: PRO LIFE-CHOICE This was an Empathy Circle with participants from the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the divide over abortion. The first 14 minutes was…

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Session 4: The Facilitator

4. Facilitator Training‎ Session 4: The Facilitator Empathy Circle Facilitator Training 4. The Facilitator Role  (v2)     (View On YouTube or On Facebook) YOUTUBE VIDEO ' Older Sessions Empathy Circle Facilitator Training:  4. The Facilitator: Role  V1  YOUTUBE VIDEO Screen Shots     Comments

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Session 3: The Listener

4. Facilitator Training Session 3: The Listener Empathy Circle Facilitator Training 3. The Listener Role (v2) (View Video on YouTube or On Facebook) YOUTUBE VIDEO Older Sessions Facilitators Empathy Circle Training: The Listener - Listening v1 YOUTUBE VIDEO Empathy Circle Facilitators Training: The Listener - Reflecting v1 YOUTUBE VIDEO  …

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FB Support Group

4. Facilitator Training‎ FB Support Group People who have taken part in the training can join in this Facebook Empathy Circle Facilitators Support Group Empathy Circle Facilitators Support Group Comments

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Facilitators Support Group

 Facilitator Training‎ Facilitators Support Group Drop-In: Empathy Circle Facilitators Support Group       http://bit.ly/EmpathyCircleSupport  Join Facebook Event to Take Part Meeting Shared Google Work Doc Empathy Circle Facilitator Reports     Introduction and Overview View Video On Facebook or On YouTube YOUTUBE VIDEO    Creating a Supportive Community of Practice.  "A community…

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Facilitator Reports

Facilitator Training‎ Facilitator Reports These are reports by Empathy Circle facilitators given in the weekly Facilitator Support Group.  Each facilitator or prospective facilitator gets 15 minutes to share an experience and ask for any support. http://bit.ly/ECFReports    Empathy Circle Facilitators Report by Rita Bee View Video On Facebook or On YouTube (2020-05-15) YOUTUBE VIDEO Rita is holding…

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Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitation

*Intro to Trainer Café: Trainer Scripts:    Short URL: https://j.mp/2WU8Sel  Intro Cafe Scripts: Step 3: About the Training:  https://bit.ly/3enChY1 Orientation Cafes: https://sites.google.com/site/ecftrainings/Orientation-Cafes   Module 1 Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitation Building a Culture of Empathy Together https://bit.ly/ECCOURSE Welcome to this introductory training on how to facilitate an Empathy Circle. Our…

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Facilitator Training

4. Facilitator Training Steps to Becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator See the New Module 1 Course Website The Empathy Circle practice is a simple and effective way to hold constructive dialogue. The basic process is simple enough that most people can facilitate an Empathy Circle after viewing the How To instructions and taking…

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How To Empathy Circle

How To Empathy Circle? Here Are Some Different Versions of the "How To Empathy Circle" Instructions. Video: How To Take Part in a Basic Empathy Circle (9 min) (View On Facebook or On YouTube) Short instructions for how to take part in an Empathy Circle. Add 3 minutes of benefits of the Empathy Circle. YOUTUBE…

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