FB Support Group

4. Facilitator Training‎ FB Support Group People who have taken part in the training can join in this Facebook Empathy Circle Facilitators Support Group Empathy Circle Facilitators Support Group Comments

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Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitation

*Intro to Trainer Café: Trainer Scripts:    Short URL: https://j.mp/2WU8Sel  Intro Cafe Scripts: Step 3: About the Training:  https://bit.ly/3enChY1 Orientation Cafes: https://sites.google.com/site/ecftrainings/Orientation-Cafes   Module 1 Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitation Building a Culture of Empathy Together https://bit.ly/ECCOURSE Welcome to this introductory training on how to facilitate an Empathy Circle. Our…

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How To Empathy Circle

How To Empathy Circle? Here Are Some Different Versions of the "How To Empathy Circle" Instructions. Video: How To Take Part in a Basic Empathy Circle (9 min) (View On Facebook or On YouTube) Short instructions for how to take part in an Empathy Circle. Add 3 minutes of benefits of the Empathy Circle. YOUTUBE…

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William Filler, MS

Why Participate?  Benefits ‎ BIll Filler, MS "I’ve been able to deescalate possible confrontations, and more importantly, deepen my communication with loved ones and friends. " I have been participating in Empathic Listening Circles for a little more than a year as of this writing. I’m very enthusiastic about the…

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What is an Empathy Circle?

What is an Empathy Circle? An Empathy Circle is a structured dialogue process based on mutual active listening. The process increases constructive dialogue and mutual understanding by ensuring that each person feels fully heard to their satisfaction. Empathy Cafe The circle takes different forms. In the Empathy Cafe, we invite…

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Building A Culture of Empathy 

   Building A Culture of Empathy  Welcome to the Empathy Circle website. This is a resource site for taking part in, learning about, facilitating, developing and spreading the Empathy Circle practice. Join us in the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitation What is An Empathy Circle? An Empathy…

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