5. Sample Empathy Circles

Here We Are Adding Sample Empathy Circles
Viewing these can be helpful in understanding how the process works.

This was an Empathy Circle with participants from the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the divide over abortion. The first 14 minutes was the Introduction and how to take part. After that, the empathy circle begins.

An Empathy Circle with empathy activists, experts, book authors, etc. exploring different aspects of empathy.

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Some co-founders of the Extinction Rebellion environmental movement talk about their vision for the direction of the movement.

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#4. Empathy Circle: COVID-19 and Mutual Support
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Participants talk about how to foster mutual support during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Having an opportunity to talk about personal experiences, concerns, anxieties and fears can be very supportive.


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#6: Empathy Activists Circle
Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic with Empathy at Work and Home